About our company

About Us

Given the global economic situation, setting up a business and becoming successful for many people today is only a dream that exist in their wildest imagination and a herculean task to realize.


FLUENTMART INTEGRATED SOUTIONS & DEVELOPEMNT COMPANY LIMITED with its headquarters in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria was established to help individuals or businesses to respectively start up a business or grow their portfolio by owning an online store where they can showcase their products or services and reach an imaginable number of customers.


The vision of FLUENTMART is to enable business owners and or professionals to operate from the convenience of their homes and thus eliminate the costly prospect of renting a shop or an office, increase their bottom line and becoming a success within the shortest possible time.

With more and more people resorting to the Internet to buy their desired products or subscribe to a service, FLUENTMART mission is to provide a state-of-the-art platform for both vendors and end users to communicate and transact businesses seamlessly. The platform affords end users a single location to search for their branded items rather than expending useful time and resources roaming restlessly around multiple websites to find their heartfelt products.


Hence, FLUENTMART is a truly eCommerce Marketplace that serves a greater purpose to people beyond just buying and selling a physical or digital product as the platform also allows professionals like consultants, technicians, fashion designers and businesses offering non-technical services to also own a virtual office or store where they can reach out to a larger audience worldwide.


What is more? Vacation enthusiasts and travellers are equally covered as FLUENTMART introduces the FMART Hotels and FMART Flights that offers great deals and budget friendly vacation packages to make your dream vacation a thing of the past full of pleasant and enduring memories.